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It was an extraordinary year for China in 2008, so was it especially for Leili people. Since 30-year of reform and opening up, the Chinese people are proud of China's great development which attracted worldwide attention. Leili people accompanying with China's economic development, lost no time in seizing each opportunities, and scaled another new height.

After 16 years of development, Leili has become a leader in algae bio-products industry. Not only creates social benefit, at the same time Leili is also well aware of the responsibility on the shoulders. In the facing of the snow and ice disaster, being eager to meet he needs of farmers, Leili donated both money and fertilizer and together with CCTV-7,supplied the post-disaster reconstruction support and contributed love to the disaster victims in Gansu and Hunan province. After Wenchuan earthquake, Leili still donated money and materials, and organized disaster relief group members to provide “one to one” aid to the disaster-hit areas. During the period of Olympics, Leili actively participated in supplying seaweed fertilizer for the Olympic vegetable base to ensure fruit and vegetable quality and safety and seaweed fertilizer for Bird Nest main stadium grass lawn......

2009 also carried Leili's dream and glory: From the grand ceremony of Leili 15th anniversary to the Experts Forum on the 10th anniversary of the birth of Leili2000 achievement accreditation;From achievements show during China Sixth AG Trade Fair to Chinese and foreign clients cooperation contracts signing ceremony and to China Second Forum on Chain Marketing of the development of agricultural production marerials. Leili is showing again and again her attitude of respect for knowledge, innovation and exploration and building harmony.

Leili people has been disseminating Leili’s concept of win-win and alga plant nutrition knowledge in more than 40 countries worldwide among 16 years. From the care of Leili fertilizer, Italian gerbera bloomed beautifully, the grass grew vigorously in Korea golf course, the yield of potato was doubled in Russia, there were fruits and vegetables having bumper harvest in Saudi Arabia, in Nepal, people from the plateau presented the snow-white hada to Leili’s training team, and in Egypt, Leili’s team concentrated on promoting and marketing which made Leili brand to be the first one...... meantime, one young and professional Leili chain marketing team were working actively hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart with farmers in Chinese territory of 9,600,000 sq. km. and their mission is to serve agriculture, rural area and farmers, which played a fair-sounding sonata.

Under the pressure of global economic crisis, Leili people have been stimulating constant development of Leili course in the spirit of hard struggle. In 2009, a diversified industry development strategy across plant nutrition and human health at the core of high-tech on marine bio-industry, is being further implemented. Leili is stepping into the first world-class enterprises list with its innovative model and independent technology and self-brand.

Under the policy of state supporting enterprise development, with the correct decision-making of the board of shareholders and the board of directors; with the care, support and assistance from all social sectors; with the concerted effort made by Leili’s all staff, we have the confidence in overcoming the difficulties along the way to promote large-scale enterprises and industrialization process, and Leili will play a more brilliant role in the world's sustainable development of agriculture.



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