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Leili IPNS is an experiment and demonstration accumulation based on the massive experiences in many years and application experiences Starting from China, asia to the whole world area,it’s a long term project across the global area. Leili IPNS is a recommended solution. The corresponding adjustment should be made on various local application according to the local special conditions.

Leili series products application on
1.Solanaceous vegetables
2. Melon and fruit vegetables
3. Green leaf vegetables.

1. Leili series products application on solanaceous vegetables like aubergine, capsicum, tomato and so on.
• Main vegetables: tomato, aubergine, capsicum and so on.
• Main period: the base fertilizer, the seed treatment, seedlings growth, fruit presence, the prime time, plant disease protection.
• The character of applying fertilizer: emphasis on the base fertilizer and topdressing. The entire growth period: N : P:K=1:0.5:1.3
Base fertilizer period: apply well-rotted compost farm manure 75-90 cbm/ha., then add Leili compound fertlizer(10-6-9)1125-1500kgs and Leili multimix 75-150 kgs per ha.
Efficacy: loosen soil, enhance the soil physics and chemistry nature, supply stable and long time fertility. Strengthen root system, make seedling healthy, and supply continuous fertility during the entire growth time.
Seedling treatment: 800-1000 times (Leili 2000 + softgard) for soaking seed 6-8 hours.
Efficacy: enhance the bud rate effectively and the bud potential, and prevent soil disease and virus disease.
Nursery cotyledon flating time: while center spiting, foliar spraying Leili softgard 1000 times and rootmost 1200 times. Four leaves and one center: the second time application of liquid fertilizer, softgard 800 times + rootmost 1200 times + ProBoron 1500 times. If more leaves, apply softgard 800 times + rootmost 1200 times for foliar spraying before seedlings.
From the transplanting to present fruit period, apply Leili2000 1200 times and softgard 800 times for foliar spraying after transplanting at the 10days interval. Apply ProBoron 1000 times for foliar spraying to protect the flower and fruit before flowering.
Efficacy: adjust nutrient growth and procreation growth balance, make base for plant health and products yield.
Growth prime period: apply Leili harvest powder (high K) 120- 180kg/ha., 1 time/10-15days. Apply Leili 2000 1000 times + softgard 600-800 times, together with CaBoron.
Efficacy: Postpone adult plant premature senile, guarantee sufficient supply of nutritive elements in the fruit set time., increase the yield, improve the fruit quality and product value

Disease prevention and control:
Damping-off: Softgard(1:600)+bactericide, manganese, zinc+ ProSynergist
Aphid: acetamiprid 3000-4000 times
Efficacy:With Leili unique formulation of Softguard and ProSynergist, enhance highly effects and act more quickly.

2.Leili series products application on melon vegetables
1). Application on cucumber
Characteristics of fertilizer requirement: base fertilizer is not important, emphasis on topdressing, the entire procreation period: N:P:K=1:0.5:1.32
Base fertilizer: 90 cbm manure+1125kgs Leili compound fertilizer (10-6-9)(s) +150kgs /ha Leili Multimix. Supply sufficient fertility in the entire procreation period.
Seeds treatment: after soaking the seeds in warm water, apply Leili 2000: 800-1000 times + Softgard 800-1000 times soaking the seeds for 6-8 hours. Effectively improve bud rate and bud potentiall, prevent soil disease and virus disease.
Seedling stage: foliar spray Leili Softgard 800-1000 times + Rootmost 1200 times, 2-3 times at 7 days interval. To provide various nutrients needed at seedling stage, prevent soil and virus disease, regulate seedling growth.
Transplanting to first fruit collection: focus on the application of boron and calcium fertilizer. Foliar spraying Leili Softgard 600-800 times + Leili2000: 1200 times, enhance resistance, promote a balanced growth.

Harvest stage: topdressing Leili harvest powder( apply high K and high N alternatively)180-240kgs/ha. in the middle and late stage( mainly use high K); Foliar spray: Leili Softgard (600-800times) +Leili2000(1000 times)+Leili CaBoron.
Main disease prevention and control:
Downy mildew: Leili metalaxyl, manganese zinc 600-1000 times+ ProSynergist;
Fusarium wilt: softgard 500 times+ hymexazol +ProSynergist
Damping-off: rootmost 1200 times+ softgard 600 times+ ProSynergist.
Aphid: acetamiprid 3000-4000 times.

2)Leili series products application on watermelon.
Base fertilizer: 75-90 cbm manure /ha., Leili double win(10-6-9) 900-1125 kg, multimix 75 kg.
Characteristics of fertilizer requirement: N:P:K=2:1:1.4 in the growth period, about N 0.19 kg, P 0.092kg, K
0.136kg absorbed if producing 100 kg watermelon.
Efficacy: provide sufficient fertility in the whole watermelon growth period. Loosen soil, improve soil physics and chemistry nature.
Seed treatment: First apply warm water soaking, then add Leili2000 1000 times + softgard 600 times soaking for 12 hours, at last speed up buding in 25-30℃.
Efficacy: obviously enhance the germination rate, increase bud potential, prevent the melon seedling stage fusarium wilt, epidemic disease, virus disease and soil borne disease and so on.
Seedling growth: the first leaf period, rootmost 1200 times+ softgard 1000 times by foliar spraying; two leaves one core to three leaves one core period, Leili 2000 + softgard 800 times by foliar spraying.
Efficacy: To prevent the weak, small, yellow seedlings effectively. To make the seedling grow vigorously and healthy. To prevent various plant disease effectively in the seedling time.
Promoting seedling fertilizer: Leili harvest( high N) 150-180 kg/ha. along with water irrigation. Foliar spraying Leili2000 1000 times+softgard 800 times. To increase seedling potential effectively.
Promoting vine fertilizer: firstly, Leili harvest powder( high N) 150-180 kg/ha. along with water irrigation, then Leili harvest powder( high K) 150-180kg/ha. mixing with water after 10-15 days. Foliar spraying Leili2000: 1000 times+ CaBoron. To promote vine growth, cultivate healthy plant.
Fruiting stage fertilizer: apply Leili harvest powder( high K) 150-180 kg/ha. along with water irrigation. Apply Leili2000: 1000 times+ softgard 800 times+ Calcium liquid 800 times for foliar spraying. To prevent water core disease effectively and produce high quality melon.
Efficacy: postpone adult plant premature senile, supply sufficient nutrition, increase yield, improve fruit quality and enhance the goods value.

3.Leili series products application on leaf vegetable
Characters of fertilizer requirement: sensitive to foliar fertilizer, N:P:K=1:0.5:1.1 in the entire growth period.
1). crops: cabbage, radish and so on.
Base fertilizer: sufficient rotten organic fertilizer + Leili granular fertilizer(10-6-9) 750-900kgs + Leili Multimix 75 kgs per ha. To provide continually nutrient in the entire growth period, make crops healthy and harvest.
Topdressing: Apply Leili granular fertilizer (20-0-5) 25 kg in the rosette stage, Leili granular fertilizer (10-6-9) 20 kg in the wrapping center stage; supplying sufficient nutrient.
Foliar fertilizer:
Seedling period: Leili rootmost + softgard 2 times;
Growth period: Leili2000 + softgard + Leili calcium liquid 2-3 times at interval of 10-15 days. About 15 days before harvest, apply Leili AminoMax + Leili calcium liquid one time. Balancing growth, make vegetable healthy and in good quality, reduce the usage of agricultural chemicals, obviously enhance the yield.

2 ). Crops: garlic, shallot, ginger and so on.
Base fertilizer: sufficient well-rotted organic fertilizer + Leili granular fertilizer 1500-2300 kg + Leili Multimax 150 kg. To provide continually nutrient in the entire growth period, loose soil, enhance the soil physics and chemistry nature, increase yield.
Topdressing: generally 2 times, the first time, apply Leili granular fertilizer (High N)(20-0-5) 330kg, the second time, apply Leili granular fertilizer ( High K) (6-6-13) 25 kg. Different crops, different topdressing times, to provide sufficient nutrients.



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